Corporate Conferences



Adventure Activities

From 24-hour cricket maidans, we are able to provide a large number of adventure activities for your team.


Farm to table dining

Our unique farm-fresh vegetables are sourced directly from their roots. We are able to organize a tour of the gardens to choose what you would like to eat for your meals.


Natural Relaxation

Get your team members away from the city's pressures and stress by surrounding them with nature.

suhanav lawn.jpg

Dedicated conference space

With 4 unique style conference spaces, we are able to give you a retreat or conference like no other.



With over 120 rooms of different types, we are able to accommodate over 400 people in our premises.


3 Slide Swimming Pool

Take a dip and cool off in our beautiful swimming pool 


Post-conference Activities

Enjoy a warm bonfire night in our themed music area.


Our talented chefs are able to produce a healthy, organic meal that is both delicious and satisfying. 

Other Activities and Amenities Include...

- Rain Dance

- Indoor games

- Outdoor games

- Bird sanctuary

- Lawn for team building. activities

- 3 adventure acitivites : zipline, burma bridge, commando net (+ extra charge)

- Nature walk in the serenity and spice garden

- Agricultural awareness activity

Please feel free to contact us for prices and details. We are happy to help! 

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